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Sun, 29th Nov 2009

What if a Meteorite Destroyed the Moon?

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How wide is the universe? What makes steak tough? Why does beetroot give me red urine? These tricky questions get stripped down in this Naked Scientists Question and Answer show. We'll be hearing about the camouflaged plant that doesn't need the Sun, a power plant that relies on osmosis and how the feeling of breath on your skin helps you to work out what sounds you're hearing.  Also, in Kitchen Science, we use straws and a cup of water to show you how airbrushes and carburettors work!

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  • 14:08 - Moved by the Power of Speech

    It's often said that someone can move you with the words they use. Now scientists have shown that this really is true, both metaphorically and physically. Research published this week shows that the sensation of the breath of a speaker on our skin can alter sound perception.

  • 19:06 - Build your own airbrush - Applying Bernoulli

    Find out how to build an airbrush to produce beautifully smooth paint finishes, and what this has to do with a car engine.

  • 43:09 - What would happen if the moon was destroyed?

    I would like to know what would happen to the Earth if a meteor hit the moon and destroyed it - the weather and the tides and gravity, and stuff like that. How would that be affected if the moon was destroyed?

  • 45:10 - Why are some hard boiled eggs hard to peel?

    Why is it that sometimes when you hard boil an egg, the shell membrane will peel off easily, whereas at other times, it’s really hard to peel the egg? You can’t actually separate the shell away from the inside of the egg.



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