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Sun, 24th Jan 2010

Explosive Science!

Gasoline explosions, simulating bomb drops at an airshow. (c) Jon Sullivan

On this explosive Naked Scientists, explore the science of explosions, looking at what happens when a landmine explodes and how to study shockwaves.  Plus, how to make safer 'insensitive' munitions, and the 'ecology' of insurgency.  Plus, how infected cells accelerate the infection rate, why your memories are stored in a grid and in Kitchen Science we show you how to do a controlled explosion in your own home!

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

Full Transcript

  • 13:59 - Understanding Explosions

    Graham McShane explains what happens when you blow things up, both on land and under water...

  • 25:48 - Shock Physics

    Bill Proud explains how the shockwaves created by explosions affect other materials, including human tissue...

  • 34:15 - Insensitive Munitions

    Meera Senthilingam explores how munitions are designed and tested to ensure they only detonate when they're supposed to!

  • 42:20 - The Ecology of Insurgency

    Michael Spagat discusses how insurgent events can be modelled to deal with future attacks...

  • 56:41 - Are birds confused by steel in ships?

    Hi, Naked Scientists. I'm Jan from Norwich and I'm the Captain of a large oil tanker. I have a question about pigeons. We often get flocks of wild amazing pigeons land on our decks and they just stay for weeks until the crew fatten them up for the pot that is. My question is ...



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