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Sun, 7th Feb 2010

Pollution & Plastics

Obvious water pollution (c) Codrington, Stephen. Planet Geography 3rd Edition (2005)

Could plastics be polluting your body? This week, we hear how hormone-mimicking chemicals leaching from plastics can cause coronaries, strokes and diabetes. Even the plastic mineral water bottle isn't safe - snails grown in them produce more offspring. Also, how oestrogen in lakes can feminize fish and cause their populations to plummet, Meera takes a trip to the sewage works to see how we clean up our act and, in Kitchen Science, Ben and Dave play with mud to find out how a water filter works. Plus, the hot news this week: how sperm get turned on, recreating colourful dinosaurs and understanding how mosquitoes smell the world.

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  • 07:05 - What do mosquitoes smell?

    Scientists have discovered the specific odour receptors used by the malaria-spreading mosquito species Anopheles gambiae to hunt down humans.

  • 10:10 - Bisphenol-A and Human Health

    Can plastics pollute your body? We speak to Tamara Galloway who has identified a link between heart disease and bisphenol-A, the base of polycarbonate plastics...

  • 52:33 - Have the seasons ever moved?

    I am especially curious to know if there was some shift in the seasons a long time ago? If we imposed our calendar system to the time of the dinosaurs for example, would we still find the seasons similar to autumn occurring around October or would the season have occurred at some...

  • 55:58 - What is Aspartame?

    What is aspartame and what does it turn into when it gets into the body?



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