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Sun, 21st Feb 2010

Winds, Wings, Whale Fins and Wind Power

turbine blades (c) JMT Sweden

How can we make the most of the wind? In this week's Naked Scientists, we find out how Humpback whales have inspired a new, more efficient design for turbine blades and stall-resistant aeroplane wings and how an inflatable wind generator flies like a kite to extract energy from high altitude winds anywhere in the world. We also hear how a specially-designed wind generator has helped Antarctic-based scientists save 30 thousand litres of diesel. Plus, a simple programme to cut child deaths in the developing world by 30 percent, a new technique for keeping tabs on tumours and a sugar-based solution for keeping virus vaccines fresh without fridges...

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In this edition of Naked Scientists

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  • 01:49 - Saving newborn lives

    Researchers funded by the US National Institutes of Health and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have discovered that a short training course can help to cut the rate of stillbirths by more than 30 per cent in developing countries...

  • 04:53 - New technique for cancer monitoring

    Scientists have discovered a new, much more sensitive way to detect cancers and follow their response to therapy as well as monitor patients for signs of relapse...

  • 30:32 - Wind Power in the Antarctic

    Meera Senthilingam explores how wind turbines can be designed to withstand the cold temperatures of Antarctica in order to reduce the consumption of diesel fuel at research stations...

  • 37:22 - Lets Go Fly a Turbine...

    Pierre Rivard explains how inflatable wind trubines could help us harness the great winds we see at high altitudes...

  • 52:35 - 10th Naked Anniversary!

    It's been 10 years since Dr Chris and Dr Kat first appeared on the radio! Listen back to some clips of that first show to see how much they've changed...

  • 57:08 - Does snow cool the world by reflecting light?

    I've read that painting rooftops white can help to cool cities. So does ploughing away the snow warm the earth up and add to global warming?



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