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Sun, 14th Mar 2010

How Do Jellyfish Reproduce?

Physalia Physalis - Portuguese man-of-war (c) U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

How do odour-killing insoles stamp on smelly feet? Do submariners' ears pop? How do Portuguese Man o'War jellyfish reproduce? We take on your science questions this week as well as hearing the highlights from the Cambridge Science Festival and making a tornado from flames. Plus, news of octopuses having high definition temper tantrums, why some people are genetically wired to feel more pain, eyeless scorpions that have evolved their way out of a blind alley and how scientists can see what's going in your mind's eye...!

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  • 01:37 - Octopus mood swings revealed in high definition

    Pushing a high definition TV screen up to the side of an octopus’s aquarium tank and showing them images of crabs and other octopuses, scientists have revealed these intelligent marine creatures can undergo major mood swings ranging from glum to excitable and aggressive.

  • 05:20 - Pain perception under genetic influence

    Cambridge researchers have identified gene sequences that make some people feel more pain.

  • 37:43 - Why are astronomical objects usually spherical?

    As I stared at the perfect circle of a setting sun, I wondered why all stars, planets etc known to us (or me) are perfect spheres, rather than elliptical or totally irregular shapes. Or are there some out there which aren't spherical that I don't know about??? Eager to have an an...

  • 40:07 - How resilient are the oceans to over-fishing?

    Are the oceans resilient enough that fish populations will recover if only given a very few years without commercial fishing?  If so, would it be possible (barring political roadblocks) to establish rotating portions of the ocean that are blocked from fishing for maybe 10 years o...

  • 41:48 - How far away is the Sun from the moon?

    How far away is the Sun from the moon?

  • Flame Tornado (c) Dave Ansell

    42:22 - Flame Tornado - A Spinning Column of Fire

    This is one of the most beautiful science demos out there and always makes a big impression, creating a pillar of spinning flame and explaining how a hurricane is formed.

  • 48:57 - Why does hot water sound different to cold water when poured?

    Dear Chris, Hello, my name is Tommy Czaczkes, and I am a PhD student at the University of Sussex. My question is; why does boiling water sound different to room temperature water when poured into a mug? Yours, Tommy Czaczkes

  • 51:18 - How does my paint change colour as it dries?

    Hello Naked Scientists! My wife and I are painting the ceilings in our house, and the ceiling paint we are using goes on light blue, and dries perfectly white. At the paint store, they put in a little package of powder and shook the can in the paint shaker before we brought it...

  • 52:56 - How do odour-abating insoles work?

    Hi Chris I always try and listen to your show on 567 and 702 Cape Talk its most interesting. What is your take on this product? I have been wearing a shoe insole that has a activated carbon content , this is to kill the odour of smelly feet and shoes. I have been usin...

  • 54:27 - How do Portugese-man-o-war jellyfish reproduce?

    The syphonophore, the Portuguese man of war: This is a collection of jelly fish each having its own individual function, catching food, digestion, movement, reproduction. I can understand that the digestive jelly fish can feed the other jelly fish but if only one of the jel...

  • 55:47 - Do subliminal CDs work?

    My name is Julielani Chang and I live in Davis, California and I have a question. My question is, is there any scientific basis to the companies that sell or claim that subliminal CDs could actually alter your behaviour simply by tapping into your unconscious mind?



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Re. Jellyfish: Quite easily I suppose. They certainly have the tenticles. Geezer, Tue, 16th Mar 2010

I'd have thought you meant "tentackles" ... chris, Tue, 16th Mar 2010

Well, if you are referring to their "wedding tackle", we are on the same page. I didn't realize they actually have ten. Geezer, Wed, 17th Mar 2010

Well, two of the normal ones and 8 legs! chris, Thu, 18th Mar 2010

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