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Sat, 18th Sep 2010

The British Science Festival

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We explore the history of Pi, examine rheumatoid arthritis and seek the science of sleep in this roundup of the British Science Festival.  In the news, we hear how to read the history of the solar system on the surface of the moon, and discover a development in quantum computing.  Plus, we launch Naked Engineering, stripping off the image of dirty overalls to discover how engineers solve real-world problems. Diana asks if olive oil is healthier than butter in our Question of the Week.

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  • 08:19 - Mechanism of Prozac mood-boost unlocked

    In a move that could hold the key to better drugs to beat a range of mood disorders including depression, French scientists have solved a vital piece of the puzzle of how certain antidepressants work...

  • 12:32 - British Science Festival Headlines

    A selection of headlines from the British Science Festival 2010, held in the city of Birmingham...

  • 14:27 - Computing with a Quantum Walk

    Researchers from Bristol University recently reported on a development in quantum computing that could bring this revolutionary technology closer, by up to twenty years. Ben Valsler met up with Jonathan Matthews and Jeremy O’Brien...

  • 21:50 - Planet Earth Online - Ocean Acidification

    In the latest of our features from the Planet Earth Podcast Team, Richard Hollingham accept reports from the Plymouth Marine Laboratory where scientists were investigating the effects of ocean acidification...

  • 26:49 - The Potato Arch

    The Arch is an ancient piece of technology that is still common today. If you have a potato or another root vegetable, why not have a go at building one.

  • 34:01 - Can water be compressed into a solid?

    Can water be compressed into a solid? I understand this is a hypothetical question since there is no way to compress water to this extent. But what is hypothesized to happen if one did try to compress water to the point of making it a solid? What would happen? Jim I. Carmel, ...

  • 36:30 - Pi Time

    And now it's time for some Pi - not the food but the number. Julia Graham met Professor Robin Wilson to find out a bit more about this elusive number.

  • 41:39 - Rheumatoid Arthritis

    If the joints in your hands and feet are stiff and for an hour or more in the mornings, you may be suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis - but the earlier this common arthritis is diagnosed and treated, the better. Ben Valsler finds out more.

  • 47:08 - The Cultural Aspects of Sleep

    What constitutes a good night sleep? Here in the UK, we’re told that it’s a solid 8 hours overnight, tucked up in bed in the dark and in the quiet. But if we don't do that or if we can't do that, we’re thought of as being unusual. Helen Ball, Professor of Anthropology at Durh...

  • 52:50 - Sir Bernard Spilsbury - Science Poetry

    An important aspect of science festival is the diversity of people, interests, and talents coming together to celebrate science. This year, that included an event of science stand-up poetry.



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