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Sat, 9th Oct 2010

Neuromarketing - The Brain Basis of Buying Behaviour

Two human billboards in Drottninggatan, Stockholm. (c) Kim Hansen

How do advertisers get inside your head? This week we explore the field of neuromarketing - how a knowledge of your brain and behaviour can help marketers to manipulate your buying habits. We'll find out how the brain choses what stimuli to pay attention to and the neurological basis of why celebrity sells. In the news, the first Census of Marine Life and how researchers have got wind of the fact that men really are sweatier than women. Plus, we hit the shops to investigate how retailers trick you into overfilling your basket!

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  • 01:46 - The Census of Marine Life

    This week saw the first report of the Census of Marine Life. This has been a worldwide project spanning in the last 10 years, aiming to catalogue the diversity, distribution and abundance of life in the oceans. Sarah Castor-Perry went along to launch of the census report in Lo...

  • 06:21 - Not all fat cells are created equal

    This week, researchers have made another interesting finding in regard to what actually happens when a person puts on a bit too much weight. Now not all fat storing cells which are known as adipocytes are equal it seems and from the Mayo Clinic, to tell us more, Michael Jensen.

  • 17:41 - Planet Earth - Orang-utan posture

    Orang-utans are one of the world’s most fascinating creatures living primarily among the trees. They're the only mammal apart from us that habitually walks on two legs. Sue Nelson from the Planet Earth podcast visited Birmingham University’s posture and balance lab to meet a t...

  • 23:09 - What is Neuromarketing?

    On today’s show, we’re talking about neuromarketing, but what actually is it? Sarah Castor-Perry caught up with Gemma Calvert, who until recently was Professor of Applied Neuroscience at Warwick University and is now Managing Director of Neurosense Limited to find out...

  • 26:41 - How adverts could attract your attention

    We’re talking about advertising and one of the main aims of an advert or a billboard, or a poster is of course to attract your attention. So, how does the brain actually decide what it’s going to look at? To help us decide and work out what makes things eye-catching is Dr. And...

  • 35:23 - Why does celebrity sell?

    Well, one thing that is fairly ubiquitous to most adverts is the presence of a celebrity. Clutching a bottle of perfume or extolling the virtues of a certain brand of makeup, advertisers know that a quick glimpse of celebrity will mean a rocket in sales, and behavioural studies...

  • 39:20 - How Supermarkets make us Spend!

    Neuromarketing is the use of behavioural and neurological studies to market and advertise products. But how exactly do supermarkets use it to affect how we shop? Smitha Mundasad took Philip Graves, an author on the psychology of shopping and consumer behaviour, along on her week...

  • 47:41 - Does subliminal advertising work?

    Does subliminal advertising work?

  • 48:56 - Is Neuromarketing an ethically sound science?

    What was their career progression to lead them to using people's neurology as an advertising tool? I am interested from the perspective of the choices and experiences that lead them to believe that this is an ethical career (or not) and that lowering people's self esteem (I belie...

  • 51:09 - When there is a new moon in England , What do Aussies See?

    When there is a new moon in England , is the moon in Australia the same or because this country is on the other side of the world from us, is the moon either a day earlier or a day later, quite full?

  • Implantable glucose sensor

    Japanese scientists have come up with a way to produce implantable microbeads that glow in response to blood glucose levels.



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