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Sun, 19th Dec 2010

Blowing out Candles Round Corners

A Christmas tree (c) Malene Thyssen @ wikipedia

In this festive episode, can you get drunk through your feet, the chemistry of cocktails, twelve marine critters of Christmas, the best food and drink combos to eschew indigestion, does a carbon fibre bike go faster, why are snowflakes different shapes and a way to impress your peers at the office party by blowing out candles round corners...

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  • 02:07 - Putting the fun into fondue

    New research from the traditional home of the fondue examines what drink it best to have with your cheesy treat...

  • 04:42 - Ice Volcano on Titan

    Scientists working on data from the Cassini mission have found what looks like an ice volcano on Titan

  • 06:34 - Getting Drunk Through your Feet

    Peter Kristensen and his team took on the myth that you can get drunk through your feet and reveal their findings...

  • 10:33 - Switch your Christmas dinner for burgers and oregano?

    In case you were thinking of shunning turkey for Christmas dinner this year and chowing down on hamburgers, researchers from the University of Arizona have some advice that could help to reduce the formation of potentially cancer-causing chemicals and inactivate food poisoning b...

  • 13:17 - Is a lightweight bike worth the extra expense?

    Does owning a lightweight carbon fibre bike cut down your commuting time? Contrary to expectations, a trial carried out by anaesthetist Dr Jeremy Groves from the Chesterfield Royal Hospital in the UK suggests that cyclists should pay more attention to the weight of the rider tha...

  • 16:39 - Unexpected Behaviour from the Sun

    Scientists working on data from the SORCE mission have found that the sun changes through it's solar cycle differently to how it was expected.

  • 51:38 - What makes someone photogenic?

    Hello, Love the show! Some people look good in pictures, and some people do not. Some very good looking people are not photogenic... I've noticed this when you look at the same people on video. Has there been any scientific research into what makes one photogenic (or not...



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