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Sun, 10th Apr 2011

Are Dogs Ticklish?

Portrait of a Dobermann puppy near Coltan. (c) Eugen. D.

Do dogs get ticklish? What wakes up mosquitoes at meal times? Do animals use weapons? In this fast-paced Question and Answer show we also focus on the nuclear threat from Fukushima and hear how gut bugs raise the risk of heart disease, why flaps for wind turbines have got engineers in a spin, and why tidiness stops stereotyping. Plus, how to make a balloon fireproof and what causes dark circles under the eyes when we get tired...

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  • 01:31 - Gut bugs and heart disease

    A new paper from researchers in the US, published in the journal Nature this week, provides an interesting angle – they think that it might be the bacteria in your gut that turn fat in your diet into the gloop that clogs your arteries.

  • 05:26 - Flappy wind turbines

    Flaps on wind turbines may make wind power more economic

  • 07:35 - Stem Cells Spontaneously Sorted for Sight

    In a landmark breakthrough this week, Japanese scientists have used stem cells to grow a new retina in a dish, which could hold the key to one day producing a replacement retina for patients blinded by diseases or eye injuries...

  • 13:26 - Chaos and clutter cause prejudice

    Manners maketh man, and a tidy street stops stereotyping - In a surprise finding from the Netherlands, researchers have discovered that choas and clutter cause people to be far more prejudiced than when things are kept tidy.

  • 17:39 - Comets may have had a watery past

    Samples from comet Wild 2 show that they have been in contact with liquid water in the past

  • 20:36 - Fukushima Reactor Review

    To bring us up to date with events at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, and explain how his own work fits in with this week's Nuclear Science Question and Answer theme, we're joined by Dr Ian Farnan from the Department of Earth Sciences at Cambridge University...

  • 27:23 - How can water become radioactive?

    How can water become radioactive? Or is the water just carrying radioactive particles which could technically be filtered out?

  • 28:35 - How does food become radioactive?

    How does food become radioactive? I saw on the news that the Japanese government is setting regulations for acceptable amounts of radiation. how can I protect my son?

  • 32:41 - Planet Earth Online - Measuring Groundwater

    To investigate the impact of geology on the spread of pollution, scientists in Oxford are studying how water travels underground across a flood plain. But at this time of year, the research involves getting wet, cold and muddy, as Richard Hollingham discovered….

  • 37:30 - Do any animals use objects as weapons?

    Chris, There has been much made recently about animals making and using tools, from primates to birds. Has anyone ever observed nonhuman animals using found objects as weapons? Thanks, Rob Anzellotti Cologne Germany

  • 57:00 - Why do I see two reflections?

    Hello Chris. Really like the show! My question. When I look closely in the mirror I notice that my reflection has a transparent reflection surrounding my own.Best way to accomplish this is to hold your hand up at the bathroom mirror and observe in close proximity,your hands refle...

  • 58:19 - Why do we get dark eye circles?

    Why do we get dark circles around our eyes? Is it due to lack of sleep?

  • Scientists grow retina in a dish

    Visionary scientists grow retina in a dish - In a landmark breakthrough in developmental biology, scientists in Japan have succeeded in growing a retina in a dish. The research, published in the journal Nature by Mototsugu Eiraku and his colleagues at the RIKEN Centre for Develo...



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