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Sat, 9th Jul 2011

Bouncing Bombs and Blacksmiths

Bouncing Bomb; Wallis (c) Taragui

This week, we bring you the best bits of technology from the world of engineering including a guiding light into the workings of a retroreflector, the dual life of bi-stable structures, and a new way to harness energy from our rivers. Plus, we unearth the workings of a copper mine, discover how Barnes Wallis designed his famous bouncing bomb and bring you an atomic insight into the art of metalworking!

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  • 02:28 - Naked Engineering - Cat's Eyes and Retroreflectors

    Whilst driving on motorways or busy roads at night, many of us will have noticed the small beacons of light in the middle of the road that help to position and guide us on our travels. You probably know that these are called cat’s eyes and this week, Meera and Dave have been ou...

  • 10:23 - Naked Engineering - Green Tide Turbines

    Small-scale turbines that can harness energy locally from winds, tides or rivers can be a valuable asset in bringing power to remote populations, which makes the technology that Green Tide Turbines are working on potentially extremely valuable. Meera and Dave went to find out mo...

  • 19:10 - Separating Metals from Mud - Mining Technologies

    An important resource that we find in deep dark places are the metals and minerals we need for industry and everyday life, which means that mining minerals like copper and platinum is a multi-billion pound industry. Dave and Meera have been out exploring how you separate the me...

  • 26:06 - Naked Engineering - Bistable Structures

    Meera and Dave explore the structures that can shape-shift from one shape to another - also known as bistable structures...

  • 33:37 - Naked Engineering - Making Drugs

    We’ve heard how drugs like aspirin can be used, but how are they actually made? For this week’s Naked Engineering, Meera and Dave have been to take a look at GlaxoSmithKline’s tablet manufacturing site in Ware, Hertfordshire...

  • 40:34 - Engineering the Bouncing Bomb

    Hugh Hunts explains what needs to be considered when designing a bomb to bounce across water....

  • 50:23 - When a Metallurgist met a Blacksmith

    What happens at a molecular level as a blacksmith works on a piece of metal? To find out, Meera took metallurgist John Aveson to meet Gordon Bevan, a blacksmith in Eltisley in Cambridgeshire...



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