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Sat, 30th Jul 2011

The Year in Ocean Science

Fitzgerald Marine Reserve (c) Surfma

This week, we take a dive beneath the waves to look back at the last year in Ocean science.  We call in on deep sea microbes, spawning corals and even a seahorse surgery.  Plus we hear how the Census of Marine Life all got started and find out about some very strange marine creatures with sex organs on their heads...

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  • 06:15 - Uncovering a whale shark extravaganza

    The world's largest aggregation of whale sharks has been found off the Mexican coast

  • 09:32 - The Census of Marine Life

    A major landmark in ocean science was reached in October 2010 with the completion of the world’s first Census of Marine Life. It was 10 years in the making, involved hundreds of scientists all across the globe who joined forces to take on the enormous challenge of discovering a...

  • 43:27 - Coral reef mass spawning

    Coral reefs have evolved a spectacular solution to the problem of having sex while being rooted firmly to the seabed.

  • 51:03 - A Collection of Marine Critters

    Over the past year, we’ve met up with lots of marine experts to talk about their work. To delve a little bit deeper into their devotion to the oceans, we asked them to tell us: if they were a marine critter, which one would they be and why? We have some really great answers a...



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