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Sat, 1st Oct 2011

Would a Siphon Work in Space?

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Could a Siphon be used in orbit? Why do leaves change colour in Autumn? How is immunity passed from mother to baby through breastfeeding? Why do earthquakes happen away from plate boundaries? How do microwaves heat up food? We storm through your questions this week as well finding out how Twitter can be used to monitor moods around the world, how carbon dioxide can be converted back into a fuel, how biomarkers hidden inside ECG's can predict the risk of a repeat heart attack and how glowing bacteria can send secret messages! Plus, in Kitchen Science, we make flames without fire by making iron burn...

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  • 01:36 - Probing the Formation of Mercury

    The first 90 days of observation from the Messenger probe are providing insight into the formation of Mercury...

  • 06:08 - Designer plastics

    Plastics may soon be able to be designed to a specification for an individual job

  • 09:42 - Monitoring Moods with Twitter

    An analysis of over half a billion tweets worldwide has confirmed that regardless of country or culture, we’re all in a better mood in the morning. Scientists at Cornell University have analysed the messages posted on Twitter by 2.4 million people from 84 different countries to...

  • 16:56 - Getting to the heart of coronary risk prediction

    An analysis of electrical heart tracings from thousands of patients has revealed a new way to spot those at risk of repeat heart attacks.

  • 30:09 - Can planets form from asteroids?

    I've got a space question for you – so as far as I know, our solar system has got a pretty big asteroid belt. Is it possible to bring some of those asteroids close together enough that their combined gravitational pull would start gathering stellar asteroids and eventually form ...

  • 34:43 - Why do earthquakes occur far away from plate boundries?

    I was on a business trip recently and experienced the earthquake, the 5.8 in Washington DC. My question is why do quakes occur that are nowhere near a tectonic plate boundary?

  • 36:55 - Do babies acquire immunity from breastmilk?

    Do babies acquire immunity from breastmilk? Are the mother’s antibodies absorbed through the gut?

  • 38:33 - Exploring Lake Ellsworth

    Chris Hill and Martin Siegert tell Richard Holligham about the technology which will be used to drill through over 3km of ice and look for life in a hidden Antarctic lake in this week's Planet Earth podcast.

  • 63:27 - Does a pregnant mother have to breathe more?

    I know that during pregnancy a foetus gets oxygen from its mother via the umbilical cord. I was wondering what effect this has on the mother. Does she inhale more, or simply use oxygen more efficiently? What happens to her oxygen saturation level?



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