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Sat, 29th Oct 2011

Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

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This week's podcast is live from the British Society for Gene Therapy (BSGT) conference in Brighton, UK.  Some of the world's top gene and stem cell therapists explain how we can manipulate genes to treat a variety of disorders, from cystic fibrosis and haemophilia to cancer and blindness.  We hear what life is like as a haemophiliac and answer your questions, including whether gene therapy can alter all the cells in our bodies and how scientists account for the ethics and side effects of this research.  Plus, is a human moustache like a cat's whiskers?  Find out in Question of the Week!

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  • 06:00 - Living With Haemophilia

    Haemophilia is a disorder of blood clotting factors, leading to excessive bleeding in patients. To find out what it's like to live with the condition, Meera Senthilingam met Adam Jones...

  • 08:18 - Targeted Gene Therapy for Haemophilia

    Kathy High explains how changing the expression of genes can help treat diseases such as Haemophilia...

  • 17:25 - A Virus to Combat Cancer

    Iain McNeish discusses how adenoviruses could be used to find and kill cancerous cells within the body...

  • 23:13 - Foetal Gene Therapy

    Simon Waddington explains how you could use gene therapy to treat certain disorders as early as in the womb...

  • 30:36 - Gene Therapy for Inherited Blindness

    Rob MacLaren explores how we can manipulate genes to restore vision in patients with inherited blindness...

  • 38:45 - Fossil Proteins - Planet Earth Online

    You’ll remember, in the film Jurassic Park scientists manage to reconstruct dinosaurs from DNA preserved for tens of millions of years. Sadly for killer dinosaur fans, DNA doesn’t appear to last that long…but it turns out that proteins do...

  • 56:05 - How can we prevent the undesirable effects of gene therapy?

    Have methods to anticipate undesirable effects of a new therapy been improved since previous failed attempts? Has legal regulation of new therapies been enhanced over the past decade or so? I have heard of many promising and almost unbelievable successes resulting from stem cell...

  • 59:13 - What about the epigenetic effects of gene therapy?

    What do epigenetics mean for stem cell therapy? It's not just the genome that seems to count but also the expression of it through epigenetics as far I understand.



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