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Sun, 20th Nov 2011

Is Technology Altering Your Brain?

Music and the brain (c) Peter Finnie

Is modern technology changing your brain?  How fast does flu fly?  Can you build a lightsaber?  Your questions are the stars on the Naked Scientists this week, as we discuss the implications of faster-than-light travel, the risks of skydiving through a thundercloud, and ask if dogs can sniff out cancer.  Plus, we find out how the brain detects different diets, what happens when black holes collide, and in Kitchen Science, how a coin can make a balloon roar!

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  • 06:52 - More superluminal neutrinos

    In September results indicating that neutrinos travel faster than the speed of light were released, this week the same group has released further data.

  • 11:28 - How do flu viruses spread so rapidly across the globe?

    Hello. According to a television programme that I was watching recently the flu pandemic of 1918 and apparently the flu was travelling faster across such places as – Alaska, Canada, Soviet Russia, et cetera even though they didn’t have modern day transport. And this particular ...

  • 25:19 - How the Brain Detects Diet

    Denis Burdakov explains what happens when you have food on the brain...

  • 31:38 - How can a spaceship change direction?

    How can a spaceship change direction in space when – unless I was misinformed - I was told it is a vacuum. So it’s got nothing to thrust against? And the second question is, I'm old enough to remember Sputnik 1 going up, and it didn’t stay up very long, although I was told it wa...

  • 44:04 - Are bee colonies incestuous?

    Dear Naked People A colony of bees would seem to have the same DNA as the rest of their colony. Although there is possibly some competition between worker bees to mate with a new queen, surely they share the same DNA as her and the rest of the colony? Does this not weak...

  • 46:18 - Roaring Balloon

    Make various strange noises using a couple of balloons and some coins and nuts.

  • 50:06 - Can we build a lightsaber?

    I've been wanting to ask this one for a looong time... My sons (Lucas and Tristan) are Star Wars fans, and asked me if it was possible to make a real lightsaber. I said no, of course, but when they asked me WHY NOT?... I couldn't give them a thorough scientific explanation. Pleas...

  • 51:24 - Can dogs sniff out cancer?

    Ia there any truth to dogs being able to 'sniff out cancer'? If so can you explain the science and the implications?



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