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Sun, 4th Dec 2011

Underwater Archaeology and Underwater Welding

Karl Stanley's submarine Idabel (c) Nakedape13 at Wikipedia

How do archaeologists locate, conserve and recover historical treasures from old shipwrecks? What is erosion revealing on the foreshores of the River Thames? And how do you weld up an oil or gas pipeline one kilometre underwater? This week we're looking at the "appliance of science" beneath the waves as well as hearing how the ageing Voyager space probes have discovered the births of new stars in the Milky Way, how a gene therapy technique can block HIV infection and how a computer programme can spot to what extent a photo’s been doctored. Plus, does heading a football cause brain damage?


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  • 16:35 - Voyager Casts off the Hydrogen-Tinted Spectacles

    This week a team of researchers in France, Russia and the USA have reported that Voyager Spacecrafts 1 & 2 – launched 34 years ago – have made it far enough out of the solar system to detect Lyman-alpha emission.

  • 19:37 - Antibody-based vaccine for HIV

    A modified virus encoding an anti-AIDS antibody can protect animals from HIV infection.

  • 23:16 - Spooky Diamonds a Step Towards Quantum Computing

    This week, researchers from the UK, Canada and Singapore have accomplished quantum entanglement on the macro scale, entangling two millimeter-sized diamonds.

  • 26:10 - Key to the Blood Brain Barrier

    A signal that controls the integrity of the blood brain barrier - the system that protects and chemically cocoons the brain from the rest of the body - has been discovered.

  • 35:22 - Heading footballs and Gesturing Ravens

    How heading footballs could lead to brain injuries, a new target for drugs against Malaria and more evidence for the cleverness of corvids...

  • Underwater Welding

    Welding up at metal pipe doesn't sound terribly tricky, but what about when it's 1 km underwater? Engineer Neil Woodward has pioneered a robotic underwater solution...

  • The European Shag - Planet Earth Online

    Sue Nelson is off in search of the disappearing European shag, which is a sea bird similar to a cormorant....

  • Gauging Photo Fakery

    Also this week - scientists in the US have developed a computer programme that can spot the degree to which photos have been digitally doctored...

  • The Thames Discovery Programme

    Inland waterways can be extremely rich sources of archaeology, and the River Thames - which flows through the middle of London - is awash with history that erosion is now steadily revealing. A project called the Thames Discovery Programme monitors the foreshores, and Meera Sent...

  • Studying Shipwrecks

    Diving down beneath the waves to discover how archaeologists locate and recover treasure from old shipwrecks...

  • QotW - What makes your blood run cold?

    I was just wondering what the sensation was when your blood runs cold say, from fingernails scraping down a school blackboard? The sensation seems to start in the skull and travel down the back and into your spine. So obviously, something to do with nerves but what is happen...

  • How do waterproof arc welding electrodes work?

    “With wet welding, if you didn’t have a dry environment, if you were trying to weld in the wet, how do those waterproof arc welding electrodes work?



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