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Sun, 15th Jan 2012

Mind Meets Machine

Hybrid Assistive Limb (c) Steve Jurvetson

Where do you stand on becoming part person, part machine? This week we hook up with three pioneers in the field of cybernetics including walking cyborg Kevin Warwick, who volunteered his own nervous system to test out a new way to connect up with the machine world, Markus Groppe, who is trialling an implantable chip to restore vision to the blind, and Andrew Schwartz who's developing neural interfaces to couple the brain's motor circuits to a robot. Plus, news of an H5N1 'flu furore as scientists create the most dangerous virus imaginable, and a voyage to the deepest subsea vents ever discovered...

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  • 02:00 - What is cybernetics?

    What is cybernetics? Does it include things like pacemakers and cochlear implants? How is it being used to treat Parkinson's, Depression and Tourette's Syndrome? Kevin Warwick discusses what we can learn about ourselves by mixing man with machine...

  • 09:09 - Implants to improve impaired vision

    How implanting a new chip which contains light sensors and an amplifier could be a treatment for impaired vision for patients with retinitis pigmentosa...

  • 16:30 - Potentially Pandemic H5N1

    Should we publish details of how to make viruses with pandemic potential? We explore the controversy and meet one of the scientists whose work is under question...

  • 27:10 - The Deepest Deep Sea Vents

    Scientists have discovered the deepest and possibly the hottest undersea volcanic vents ever found, and they are encrusted in extraordinary deep sea life.

  • 30:22 - Quitting Smoking, Exoplanets and Carnivorous Plants!

    Why nicotine replacement may not be the key to kicking the habit, how most stars in our solar system have planets accompanying them, How Fungi could hold the key to tackling lead pollution and a new plants which makes a meal out of worms!

  • 34:53 - Mapping Solar Storm Risk - Planet Earth Online

    Solar storms can disrupt satellites, communications and power supplies and so scientists have now produced the first ever map that shows which regions of the UK power grid are most at risk...



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