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Sun, 29th Jan 2012

Are any viruses good for you?

adenovirus (c) National Cancer Institute

Has all the air in the world been breathed before?  Are any viruses beneficial to health?  Can naked farts transmit diseases?  You set the agenda in this Naked Scientists Question and Answer show in which we also discover how Inuit cope without fruit and veg, whether muscles can become cancerous and how long before we can teleport to work. Plus, reproducing Alzheimer's disease in a dish, self-distilling vodka, magnetic soap to cleanse the parts other soaps can't reach, and what magic mushrooms do to the brain...

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  • 01:42 - How do Inuit cope without fresh vegetables and vitamin c?

    Hi Dr. Chris During a recent programme that I heard as a podcast, you were giving examples of how poor diets had effected sailors during voyages of discovery that keep them at sea for extended periods without recourse to fresh vegetables. Scurvy being the most common of thos...

  • 03:54 - Has all the air in the world been breathed before?

    Hello - I really enjoy your podcast. I don't know when you might be discussing something related to this but ...  I was listening to a Johnny Cash tune the other day and he wanted to get away from this woman and "go where the air ain't been breathed before". Is that possible (...

  • 09:31 - Are there germs in bad smelling air?

    I would just like to know: are there germs in bad smelling air? Bad smells from toilets or bad smells from rubbish dumps, etc. Many thanks, Ethel

  • 12:56 - Would filtering farts prevent hospital acquired infections?

    Chris, Excellent interview on farts. If all the assholes in a hospital had effective fart-gas filters (that is ALL the patients and all the staff - I know, good luck on the staff side,) what would the reduction in Hospital Acquired Infections be? I understand all the air...

  • 15:31 - Stem cells provide Alzheimer's clues

    One of the biggest problems with studying brain diseases such as Alzheimer's is the difficulty of getting samples of living brain cells from patients, now induced stem cells may come to our aid...

  • 19:19 - The Magnetic Moon

    When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin brought back the first samples of moon rock in 1969, scientists were surprised to see telltale signs in the material that the moon had once had a magnetic field – much like the one we have around the Earth. Now, another look at one of those 1...

  • 36:02 - Seeking Out Storms - Planet Earth Online

    2012 began with gale force winds, localised flooding and travel disruptions in the UK. But not everyone is sorry to see the stormy weather. Here's Professor Robin Hogan telling us how he tracks, and predicts, thunderstorms.....

  • 41:37 - Are any naturally-occurring beneficial viruses?

    Dear Chris, I'm wondering if there are any naturally-occurring beneficial viruses, and in particular, in the human body? Thank you so much for the best podcasts on the web! My very best wishes, Kathlyn Powell

  • 44:24 - Why can't I get a car window to fog up twice?

    This question is for my 7 year old son Colin. When I breathe hot breath on a cold car window it steams up. When I draw on the window in the foggy part or I wipe off the fog I can't breathe on it again to make it foggy. When I take a hot shower the mirror gets foggy. When I wi...

  • 46:04 - Mapping a Mushroom Trip, Speedy genes and Magnetic Soap!

    How mapping a mushroom trip could provide treatments for depression, the gene behind a winning racehorse, the world's first magnetic soap and the social networks of our ancestors...

  • 54:58 - Would turning off standby devices increase my heating bills?

    Hi, I've been pondering about the following; We are often told that we can gain large energy savings by shutting off all those transformers and stand-by devices, such as televisions, computers, printers etc., in our homes that are using energy. Instead we should turn off the d...

  • Is there a limit to human performance?

    Hello there, Naked Scientists! I am aware of Moore's law, and hope technology can find a way around it when the time comes. What about physiology? I am not a big sports fan, but when I do get a chance to watch talented athletes, it is always so close! They train to beat their ...



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