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Sun, 18th Mar 2012

Why Viruses Don't Infect the Same Cell Twice

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Immune-manipulating parasites, bacterial genomes married to disease processes and viruses that bounce off already-infected cells make for an infectious episode of the Naked Scientists this week. Also up for analysis, why the eyes vote no to long space journeys; the problem with prostate cancer prediction; why nanoparticles trigger bacteria to breed superbugs and the contagious question of which cancers you can catch...

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  • 01:39 - Sequencing an Infection

    Full genome sequencing of bacteria could allow researchers and medics to better treat diseases like MRSA, and better understand outbreaks...

  • 09:41 - The Evasive Tactics of the Schistosome parasite

    Ed Farnell discusses how the parasitic Schistosoma worm cleverly coats itself with your blood to hide from your immune system. But their evading tactics may also help us to understand more about allergies.....

  • 17:38 - Eyes vote no to space travel

    Head scans of astronauts have shown signs of raised intracranial pressure affecting their eyes and pituitary glands, new research has revealed.

  • 21:17 - Still no clear answers on PSA testing

    March is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, but we still don't have a reliable screening test. A new study highlights the urgent need to develop better tools for detecting aggressive prostate cancers at an early stage, while avoiding unnecessary treatment...

  • 25:04 - How the Intestine Informs the Immune System

    Scientists reveal how the intestine distinguishes harmless food items from potentially harmful bacteria or parasites...

  • 30:44 - Nanoparticles turn bacteria into superbugs

    Nanoparticles used routinely in wastewater cleanups can encourage bacteria to breed superbugs, new research has shown. The findings could have major implications for the way in which sewage should be processed in order to prevent the appearance of bacteria equipped to resist ev...

  • 54:03 - Can you catch cancer?

    Could you get cancer from someone else? I have heard that sometimes cancer can spread to multiple individuals. In particular, tasmanian devils seem to be suffering from a form of cancer that is transmitted through biting. Are there instances of cancers being transmitted th...



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