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Sat, 5th May 2012

Naked in Norway

The Gokstad Viking ship on display in Oslo, Norway. (c) Karamell

We get naked in Norway this week, as we visit Oslo University to reveal the remains of ancient plesiosaurs and investigate their migration, discuss a new concept for more efficient solar cells and discover the fatal effects of climate change on lemming populations. We then scour for more Scandinavian science to unearth the causes of mass extinction, find a new way to overcome resistance to radiotherapy, tool around with chimps in the Savannah and round up with a scientific climax in how bird sperm came about!

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  • 18:35 - Falling Lemming Populations

    Nils Christian Stenseth discusses the dwindling lemming population cycles...

  • 23:40 - Immune Attack of Cancer Cells

    Cancer cells may escape attack by the body's immune system by releasing chemicals to suppress it, but we may be able to overcome this in the future.

  • 31:27 - Fighting Cancer Cell Resistance to Radiotherapy

    Cancer cells can develop resistance to radiotherapy, which means large doses have to be given which can damage nearby cells. Scientists Nina Edin and Erik Pettersen at the University of Oslo may have found the response which generates this resistance.

  • 38:38 - Unearthing the Cause of Mass Extinction

    Dr Henrik Svensen reveals what craters in Africa can tell us and if the cause for mass extinction can be unearthed by looking at what lies beneath our feet......

  • 43:02 - Tooling around with Chimpanzees

    A number of animals use primitive tools, but how does this behaviour begin? And what can it tell us about how we got started doing the same thing millions of years ago? Adriana Hernandez-Aguilar has been to Tanzania to try to find out.....

  • 50:07 - Sperm Evolution in Songbirds

    Terje Laskemoen explains the speedy sperm found in the songbird and the reasons for its evolution...



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