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Sat, 8th Sep 2012

Is there life under Antarctica?

King's College, Old Aberdeen (c) Anilocra @ Wikipedia

Will we find life in a lake trapped under 3 kilometres of ice? How can living above an abandoned mine cut your heating bills? What is the future for diet foods? This week, we bring you the best from the British Science Festival in Aberdeen. We also discuss the Higgs and antimatter, how plastics are affecting our health and how to recreate the colours of fossilised insects...

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  • 01:24 - What lies beneath the Antarctic ice?

    After 16 years of planning, a British team of scientists are planning to drill into a subterranean lake, 3 kilometres beneath the surface of Antarctica. The man in charge of this incredible project, Chris Hill, tells us more...

  • 07:58 - How can old mines heat our cities?

    How can flooded mineshafts beneath our cities be used to heat our homes? Diarmid Campbell talks about a pilot scheme in Glasgow that could do just that...

  • 40:23 - Chemicals in sewage sludge cause physiological changes in sheep

    Low-level exposure to chemicals that are the byproduct of industrial and household processes could be damaging our health. Experiments using sewage sludge as a fertiliser for sheep pasture show that, even at low levels, these chemicals can change fertility, reproductive organs, ...

  • 47:54 - What colour were fossilised insects?

    When we see a reconstruction of a prehistoric creature, perhaps in a book or on TV, the creator has usually made it very colourful, but how do we know what colour it should be? Historically, we haven’t and so, the creator has just made it up. But Bristol scientist Maria McNama...



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