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Sat, 13th Oct 2012

Listen Up! The Science of Hearing...

In-ear hearing aid (c) Bergsten @ wikipedia

Now hear this! This week we explore the workings of the auditory system, discover the causes of deafness, hear how hearing aids work and probe the origins of tinnitus. Plus, news of a novel therapy for eczema, a meteorite containing samples of the Martian atmosphere and why the onset of AIDS might be down to a host of previously-unrecognised gut viruses...

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  • 01:45 - How do we hear and what is hearing impairment?

    How do we hear? How does the ear convert sound waves into messages to be interpretted by the brain and what goes wrong with this system in hearing-impaired listeners?

  • 05:44 - How does a hearing aid work?

    What is a hearing aid and how does it work? What are the issues involved in designing them? We spoke to a hearing aid engineer to find out more.

  • 35:15 - Planet Earth: Future-proofing

    Forests cover almost 1/3 of the Earthís landmass and play a key role in the health of our planet. They regulate climate change by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and storing the carbon. Planet Earth podcast presenter Sue Nelson meets Dr. Kars...

  • 40:32 - Mobiles Track Malaria and Mice Learn New Squeaks

    Mobile phone data tracks malaria as it moves with humans; Spirals of dust help understand evolution of stars; A new technique keeps lungs alive outside the body for longer than ever before and Male Mice learn to mimic another's squeak...

  • 52:37 - How do you filter out sounds?

    I'm interested in what we choose to hear. I've met people with Aspergerís who said that they hear everything equally and this becomes a huge sound overload for them, but I can filter out background sounds to focus on what I want to hear. How does that work?

  • 53:13 - What's the best way to get someone to listen to you?

    If someone isnít hearing you because they're wrapped up in a task or they're being stubborn, what's the best sound that will bypass this and get their immediate attention?



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