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Sat, 20th Oct 2012

Is there a Googol of anything in the Universe?

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Are vegetables intelligent?  Is Pi a "normal" number? Are humans the only picky eaters?  We take on your science questions, including why women generally don't go bald and how fingers can feel cold even though they're warm to the touch.  Plus, we're joined by Matt Parker, the Stand Up Mathematician, who takes on your mathematical brain teasers, and explains how a simple mathematical trick can let you predict the numbers on a barcode!

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  • 07:43 - What happens when a moving plane drops a parcel?

    Hi, I am doing AS level physics and I am stuck on a question. My revision guide has no answers, and it does not explain the topic very well. Could you please help me with it? The question is: An aeroplane carrying a parcel drop releases a parcel while travelling at a ste...

  • 12:04 - Why would fingers feel cold when they're warm?

    Dear Chris My aging mother has a hand that feels warm to the touch but, to her, it feels freezing all the time, especially the finger tips. She can't get her GP to take this seriously , especially as she recently broken her other arm. Any idea what this might be? A form of...

  • 22:26 - Is there a googol of anything?

    Hi Chris, I hear there is a maths radio show this weekend so the Spriggs family has a maths question for you (it may also have some physics in it...!): A concept that we enjoy in the Spriggs household is that of the googol, i.e. 10 to the power 100 or a 1 followed by a ...

  • 26:45 - Why does the moon sometimes appear out-of-place?

    Quite often I go out in the morning and I'm in Milton Keynes, so I would expect the moon to rise in the east and set in the west. Sometimes at about 2, 3, 4 o’clock in the morning the moon is low in the east. I was just wondering how that worked out?

  • 29:04 - Are humans the only picky eaters?

    Naked Scientists, There are people in the world who do not like the taste of seafood. Others don't like sweets. Still others avoid bitter or sour foods. We all have different tastes. I am curious however about the rest of the animals on planet Earth. Are there panda bears who...

  • 31:27 - How does bleach bleach things?

    I was wondering why bleach, when you put it on certain things and the colour disappears and yet, I can put it on my draining board and nothing happens to this. So where does the colour actually go?

  • 35:38 - Palm Trees on Antarctica - Planet Earth Online

    Headlines like “Palm trees grew on Antarctica” abounded when climate scientists recently found evidence that the southernmost continent was once a very different world to the one we know now...

  • 41:18 - Why don't women go bald?

    Hello Naked Scientists, :) I was wondering - If men are hairier than women, why do they lose the hair from their head when women don't ? Regards, Janet France (Welshpool)

  • 47:22 - What's my lifetime chance of winning the lottery?

    When we talk about the lottery, we always refer to the 14 million to 1 chance of winning it and I just wondered, if you based it on doing the lottery on a Wednesday and a Saturday, so two 1 pound stakes for instance and you started to doing it when you were 20 years old and you l...

  • 50:35 - Barcodes, Check Digits and Error Correction

    We put mathematician Matt to the test and ask him to predict the last digit of listeners shopping product barcodes!



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