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Sun, 18th Nov 2012

Can Gravity Leak from Alternate Universes?

Astronaut Edward H. White II, pilot for the Gemini-Titan 4 space flight, floats in zero gravity of space. (c) NASA

Why does biro ink smell?  How can you reset your tolerance to caffiene?  Why can't my sat nav and my speedometer agree?  We take on your science questions, as well as discover a lonely rogue planet and hear the DNA detective story that stopped an MRSA outbreak in its tracks.  Plus, in our Question of the Week, we find out if menstrual cycles synchronise...

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  • 04:45 - The Naked Scientists Mexican Twitter Wave

    We investigate the power of social media by attempting to create a global Mexican Wave across twitter...

  • 06:53 - Could dark matter be leaked gravity?

    I was listening to the "Ask the Naked Scientist" podcast this morning, and two of your answers prompted other questions. Regarding parallel universes, is it possible that so-called "dark matter" isn't actually physically present in our universe? Could it be a manifestation of...

  • 08:28 - Why do feet smell?

    Why do feet smell?

  • 10:19 - Can I reset my tolerance for caffeine?

    Hello Naked Scientists! My name is Ari and I'm a plant pathology student in Helsinki University, Finland. My boring summer job has allowed me to listen to your splendid podcasts and I usually listen to three shows per day. My question concerns caffeine tolerance. When you ...

  • 15:05 - Sex in Sorbus Species - Planet Earth Online

    Best known for Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Avon Gorge in Bristol, southwest England is also home to several unique species of plants. Some tree species here – varieties of sorbus – are found nowhere else in the world and have evolved through an unusual reproductive ...

  • 22:01 - Why do blue biros smell salty to me?

    Dear Chris Hi it's Grace from Waterbeach I'm am 11 and I have a question - why do blue biros smell salty?

  • 23:43 - Why don't my sat nav and speedometer agree?

    Hi Why does my car sat nav say I am travelling at a different speed to my car speedometer. Usually the speedometer says I am going faster than the Sat Nav so which is more accurate? Thanks Joanne Sexton

  • 25:20 - How did our ancestors make wine?

    I was wondering how could the Romans and predecessors to their great empire manage to make wine? Hygiene seems to be needed to make it these days!

  • 27:24 - Why do we usually sneeze more than once?

    Hi Chris Why do we usually sneeze more than once at a time? Thanks Paul Mkhabela Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 31:32 - DNA Sequencing Stops MRSA Spread

    This week, the journal Lancet Infectious Diseases included a rather unusual detective story – one where rapid DNA sequencing was used in a hospital to track an outbreak of MRSA down to one unsuspecting carrier. It bears all the hallmarks of good television forensic crime drama,...

  • 37:35 - Do pilots consider Earth's rotation?

    Hi Dr Chris, I live in central South Africa - Free State, and don't receive the radio signal for 702 but down load the pod casts and listen to them then in the car, i have a question that i wonder if you can shed some light on... When flying up to Europe or down here to South ...

  • 39:03 - Does testosterone create gender bias?

    Dear Dr Smith I greatly enjoy listening to you on Friday mornings in Cape Town and am awed by your polymathy. Some time in the nineties (1998 provides a terminus ad quem because that's when I joined the internet, and I relayed the information to a cyber-friend in America...

  • 46:34 - What happens when we become scared?

    Hi! I'm Riin from Estonia and I love listening to your podcasts all the time when walking (between my universities buildings) at my university town Tartu. Anyways - I was wondering, what happens to human body, when something/somebody scares it? I tend to be frightened easil...

  • 51:25 - Is the gas in gas giants highly compressed?

    Hi Naked Scientists, I was just wondering - if planets like Jupiter are just gas giants, why is it they exert such enormous gravitational pull on surrounding matter, like the asteroid belt? Do they have a very large, dense core providing the pull or is the gas highly compress...

  • 53:19 - Do menstrual cycles synchronise?

    Hi naked scientists. Thank you for your awesome podcast. I would like to know if there is a scientific or evolutionary reason that women's menstrual cycles synch up when living together. Michele & Jesse Padberg Dixon, New Mexico

  • Light at Night Can Harm Your Memory

    Being exposed to bright lights at night could harm your health and your memory - even if you think you are sleeping normally...



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