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Sun, 23rd Dec 2012

Does a Frozen Body Shatter?

Male Reindeer (c) Jon Nickles

Can a frozen body be shattered with a hammer, how can speedbumps diagnose appendictis and why are reindeers' noses red? For Christmas 2012 we talk to a host of scientists doing seasonal research, find out how Elite, the blockbuster computer game launched 30 years ago, is about to make a comeback, and answer your brain-busting science questions, including why chewing gum gets tougher the longer you chew it, and we do the experiment to discover whether James Bond really could freeze - then shatter - a baddie...

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  • New planets around local star

    A Christmas present for astronomers, 5 new planets orbiting a star in our cosmic backyard.

  • How do drinks & exercise affect chewing gum?

    Dear Chris Smith, Here is my question to the naked scientists: I wonder why it is that even if you have a fresh chewing gum and you do heavy physical exercise or drink coffee that the texture of the material changes. Are there enzymes digesting the material or is the pH c...



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