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Thu, 31st Jan 2013

I'm a Tasmanian Devil, Get Me Out Of Here!

Tasmanian Devil (c) Wayne McLean

How can science save the Tasmanian Devil?  New research reveals why an infectious cancer thatís spreading amongst the animals isnít attacked by the immune system.  Plus, the quantum basis of smell, reading a fish's thoughts and are scientists on the verge of a cure for the common cold?

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  • The Human Nose (c) LHOON @ wikipedia

    01:16 - The Quantum Basis of Smell

    New research hints at a controvercial theory of smell - that we sense the quantum scale vibrations in molecules, rather than just the shape...

  • 07:42 - Fossilised fish worm eggs from 270 million years ago

    A rock unearthed in Brazil is the fossilised faeces of a fish from a quarter of a billion years ago, and it contains the oldest-yet-discovered examples of intestinal worm eggs.

  • 09:56 - Seeing a fish's thoughts

    A new imaging technique has allowed scientists to see thoughts occurring in real time as fish contemplate their prey.

  • 13:54 - Improving the power of MRI

    The resolution of magnetic resonance imaging could be about to go up several notches thanks to a new, nanoscale imaging technique.

  • 17:50 - So that's where tuberculosis hides

    In a move that will make TB easier to treat, scientists have discovered a hidden hang-out used by the bacterium to evade immune capture or destruction by antibiotics.

  • 21:36 - Cellular Housekeeping could block HIV

    A "housekeeping" process inside cells, known as autophagy, could hold the key to blocking HIV and even preventingthe common cold...

  • 28:12 - Ocean Fronts - Planet Earth Online

    In winter the sea may look dull, grey and lifeless but the creatures that live there know that some areas have far more food than others...

  • 33:14 - Saving Tasmanian Devils

    Tasmanian Devils are under threat from a unique contagious cancer. A new project is underway to save the species...

  • 39:51 - How Tumours Evade the Immune system

    Devil Facial Tumour Disease is able to evade the immune system. New epigenetic studies show how...

  • 47:08 - Cancer and Immunity

    Understanding how the immune system sees cancer could help us find new ways to treat or prevent the disease...

  • 54:14 - Why don't humans have tortoiseshell hair?

    Hi Chris, † Looking around at the neighbourhood cats, it struck me that most of them (and indeed most mammals) have patterned fur with several different colours. This made me wonder why Humans tend to have uniform hair colour on their heads, faces †& bodies. Why is t...



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