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Thu, 7th Mar 2013

Dining Out on Food Security

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How Internet searches can give clues to drug side-effects, the science of sink holes, flame-retardant DNA, brain stimulation for anorexia, and feeding the planet in future: why flies might hold the key to better food security...

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  • 37:22 - Feeding Flies Into the Food Chain

    We speak to 'enviromental entrepreneur' Jason Drew about his plan to close loops in the food chain by feeding flies blood...

  • 47:11 - The C4 Rice Project

    We find out how changing the way rice photosynthesises could lead to better crop yields...

  • 53:49 - Can shrink wrap help you lose weight?

    Hi, this is Magnus from Edinburgh, I've just heard of body wraps, which are apparently a way that people are using to lose a lot of weight and fat off themselves. It seems to be very effective, and that instantly worries me. They apparently kill fat cells through lysis, ...



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