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Thu, 14th Mar 2013

John Snow and Cholera

Child drinking from water pump (c) US Navy

We celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the epidemiologist John Snow by looking at the historic and modern fight against Cholera. Also, news of what 4000 year old mummies are revealing about arterial disease, a novel antibiotic approach to battling bacteria, the Facebook app that turns likes in predictions about your personality and do animals practise dentistry...?

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  • 01:17 - Ancient mummies had clogged arteries

    One of the diseases thought of as an affliction of modern life, atherosclerosis, was actually around in people thousands of years ago...

  • 05:22 - Clock-a-doodle-doo

    Scientists in Japan have discovered that the crow of the rooster is controlled by their internal body clocks...

  • 09:10 - Antibiotics Target Gene Expression

    A new range of antibiotics are being developed to target the gene expression of bacteria...

  • 15:18 - Water Dimers Detected

    Physicists from the Russian Academy of Sciences claim to have made the first detection of water dimers in realistic atmospheric conditions.

  • 31:13 - Fighting Cholera Today

    We ask Matt Waldon how we tackle Cholera in the modern world and find out how the disease could have reached Haiti through relief workers

  • 33:57 - The Legacy of John Snow

    Medical Historian Richard Barnett tells the story of the epidemiologist John Snow and asks whether we've overestimated his legacy

  • 48:06 - Tracking the Global Spread of Cholera

    PhD student Ankur Mutreja discusses his work; sequencing the genome of cholera bacteria in order to track the 7th pandemic of the disease.

  • 54:42 - Do any other species practise dental care?

    Hi, my name's Kwesi and I'm from London. My question is, are we the only species which practises dental care? I don't imagine other species brush their teeth, though I'm bracing myself to be proven wrong. yet in the many documentaries I watch, the animals, particularly feli...



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