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Thu, 4th Apr 2013

The SKA and Radio Astronomy

Artist's impression of the 5km diameter central core of SKA antennas. (c) SKA Project Development Office and Swinburne Astronomy Productions

We take a tour of the two Australian precursors to the Square Kilometre Array - the Murchison Wide Field Array and the Australian SKA Pathfinder - to discover how big radio astronomy projects will see the universe in a new light.  Plus, how understanding the physics of radio detectors helps us make better telescopes...

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  • 13:54 - Obama's brain science funding

    Obama announces $100 million to map the brain - but is this enough to fulfill this lofty dream?

  • 17:05 - Weightloss Using Gut Bacteria

    New research investigates whether gut bacteria changes following gastric bypass surgery can be transplanted into other patients...

  • 24:05 - How do you weigh an ocean?

    Oceanographers have come up with the unusual idea of weighing the global ocean at a single point to assess how big it is.

  • 29:12 - Astronomy with MRO and ASKAP

    Kirsten Gottschalk and Dominic Ford investigate the science being undertaken with the SKA's precursor instruments...

  • 55:11 - How long does it take for comets to "melt"?

    How long does it take for a comet to completely 'melt' away from repeated exposures to the sun? (Composition and size would certainly have something to do with it, I'm sure) Will there come a time when all the comets are gone from the Solar System because they have sublimated?



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