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Wed, 1st May 2013

Art and Antiquities: Conservation and Preservation

An aerial view of St Paul's Cathedral (c) Mark Fosh @ Wikipedia

The conservation and restoration of great art once relied on only a good eye and talent with a paintbrush. Now though, scientists and art conservationists are working together to develop new techniques to preserve our cultural heritage.

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  • 07:08 - Genetic link to migraines

    A gene linked to a badly-timed body clock can also cause migraines, new research has shown...

  • 10:01 - Nanosheets Soak Up Spills

    A new floating material has been developed which can soak up oil spills, in the ongoing fight against water pollution.

  • 18:33 - Killing bacteria with breast milk

    Professor Anders Hakansson discusses how a a naturally occurring protein in breast milk is being used to strike a blow against infection...

  • 24:32 - Conserving a Cathedral

    Oliver Caroe of St Paul's Cathedral discusses how he looks after one of London's most famous landmarks.

  • 33:04 - Restoring the Masters

    Sally Woodcock talks about the science behind preserving great works of art

  • 41:47 - Preserving Plastics

    Plastic objects are older than we think, and need conserving, says Dr Anita Quye.

  • 49:20 - How do we date ancient artefacts?

    Historians and archaeologists talk about ancient artefacts or structures that are so many thousands of years old. How do they date these objects? Is it just from carbon dating? And did these ancient civilisations have some sort of time and date recording system in place then a...




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