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Wed, 15th May 2013

Will it rain tomorrow?

Above the clouds (c) Arun Kulshreshtha

How are weather forecasts made? Are they accurate, and if not why not? And how do we know when extreme weather is on the way? Also, what about on other planets and moons? To find out, we talk to the teams who study weather and climate patterns, both on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system. Plus, scientists discover the world's oldest water, signs that selfishness kickstarted agriculture, and why butterflies with more melanin fly further...

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  • 31:56 - A Load of Hot Air

    Alison Ming discusses how hot air from the tropics pushes its way up through the atmosphere.

  • 38:11 - Extreme Weather

    Nick Graham discusses how we can prepare for extreme weather...

  • 44:22 - Weather on Other Planets

    What is the weather like on other planets? John Zarnecki explains.

  • 52:55 - What is wind?

    I want to know, what is wind? Not the type you get from eating lots of baked beans(Ha! Ha!) but the one that we feel on our face and in the trees. I want to know whether it is all gases that make up our atmosphere or something else? Where does it come from or go and what is givin...



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