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Wed, 22nd May 2013

Do plants get jetlag?

Dandelion Clock (c) Markus Bernet

This week, how plants keep track of time, how scientists are breeding cereal crops with ancient varieties to boost diversity and yields, how insects carry viruses between plants, and the chemical in smoke that triggers fire-dependent plants to germinate. Plus, printing new body parts, the workings of tornadoes  and the bug behind potato blight...

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  • 01:00 - Why can't penguins fly?

    Why penguins have lost the power of flight have been revealed by new research on other aquatic birds...

  • 03:56 - Itch-sensitive nerves discovered

    The neurological signalling system that carries itch sensations has been unravelled, paving the way for new pruritus and eczema treatments

  • 22:45 - The Innovation of Super Wheat

    Scientists have created "super wheat" by crossing modern strains with the crop's ancestors. Phil Howell explains.

  • 30:10 - Can plants keep time?

    Alex Webb tells us how plants have their own body clock, and how they don't like to be woken up too early in the morning.

  • How do plants grow upwards?

    My name is Kylowe de Pinto. I'm in grade 8 at Fish Hoek High School, Cape Town, South Africa. I listen to your talk with Redi Tlhabi on Talk Radio 702 in South Africa on Fridays whenever I can. I have to do a science expo at school and mine concerns the growing of plants. I have ...



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