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Wed, 19th Jun 2013

Fascinating Fungi

Amanita muscaria mushroom (c) Stu Phillips

Fungi go under the microscope this week as we explore how they barter minerals and carry chemical messages in return for sugars from plants; we also hear from someone who nearly died after consuming a deadly fungus, find out why fungi make the toxins they do, and hear how these organisms might hold the key to the next generation of packaging and building materials - and even surfboards! Plus, news of a light-powered retinal implant to restore sight, whether alcohol is dangerous in pregnancy, and why aspirin prevents cancers...

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  • 07:55 - Quickfire Science: Project Loon

    This week Google has tested a new baloon network which could being internet to remote locations...

  • 10:19 - How aspirin blocks cancers

    Aspirin cuts down the rate at which cellular DNA is damaged, explaining its anti-cancer effect, new research has revealed...

  • 14:30 - How do we store memories?

    Scientists have created a new cool technology to peer into the living brain and see memories forming as little dots moving around!

  • 18:11 - Seeing Red - Blood vessels in the eye

    There are at least two places in the body where blood vessels are discouraged from growing and both are in the eye - why?

  • 24:37 - Fascinated by Fungi

    Alison Ashby explains why fungi are so fascinating and how they communicate with plants

  • 31:09 - Nicholas Evans: A poisonous mistake

    Author Nicholas Evans accidentally ate the poisonous deadly webcap mushroom, destroying his kidneys. He explains what happened...

  • 39:01 - Why are mushrooms poisonous?

    Tom Bruns explains why some mushrooms are poisonous and how one mushroom toxin is helping us understand RNA trsncription..

  • 43:53 - Building with Mushrooms

    One of the founders of Ecovative Design explains how they use mushroom mycelium to replace plastic foam and building insulation...

  • 49:15 - Why do I feel sick after exercise?

    I'd like to ask a question regarding a too intensive workout and a sometimes occurring sudden nausea during or afterwards. What makes this happen and what happens in the body? This thing happened to me when I began working out seriously about three years ago at the university...



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