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Wed, 10th Jul 2013

Souping up Solar

Solar panel installation at an information center adjacent to Ögii Lake (c) Chinneeb

This week, the latest innovations in solar power technology including a Cambridge team racing from Darwin to Adelaide in a solar car, community co-operatives empowered by solar panels, and how algae harvest the Sun's energy. In the news, how wobbles in the Earth's core are affecting time, how nerves control prostate cancer growth and the turmeric-thalidomide combo being used to combat cancer. Plus, can you produce power from poo?

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  • 01:02 - Solar-powered steriliser

    A solar-powered medical steriliser for third world countries uses nanoparticles to produce a scalding jet of bug-killing steam...

  • 03:57 - Wobbles in the Earth's rotation

    Changes deep in the Earth's core are changing the Earth's rotation and affecting how long days are.

  • 20:24 - World Solar Challenge: Across Australia

    A Cambridge team test the limits of solar power as they prepare to race a car across the Australian outback fueled only by the sun's energy

  • 26:39 - Empowerment through solar power

    Agamemnon Otero talks to us about Repowering London, a programme promoting the cooperative ownership of solar energy farms in the city...

  • 33:34 - Green Solar: the power of algae

    The EU EnAlgae project is aiming to capture the solar energy-harvesting potential of algae for domestic and industrial uses...

  • 41:46 - Magneto-hydrodynamic Solar Energy

    Magneto-hydrodynamic Solar cells use powerful magnets to separate the charges in a solar-produced plasma, generating electricity...

  • 49:30 - Could dark matter be failed stars?

    With regard to the interview with Catherine Haymans [NAKED SCIENTISTS, 4TH JULY 2013], she said if you counted the visible stars in the galaxy, the implied mass was not enough to account for the speed of the stars around the center of the galaxy. She did not mention invisible sta...

  • 51:04 - Can allergies cause coronary artery disease?

    I suffer from hayfever. I was once told that my allergy would in time give way to a cardiovascular disorder, as those who experience allergies in early life, are more susceptible to coronary artery disease. I didn't dismiss the assertion out of hand, I just kept it in mind, ...

  • 53:50 - Does light bounce off the walls of a room?

    Hello from Seattle! I absolutely love your podcasts -- I listen to them religiously. Keep fighting the good fight -- you are a beacon of science literacy for the entire world! What happens to light when it hits its target -- whether from a star or a flashlight? I know part ...

  • 55:38 - How can we get power from poo?

    How can we get power from poo?



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