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Wed, 24th Jul 2013

The Science in Sport

tennis (c) Marc Di Luzio

How has new technology changed the face of sport? This week we delve into the science behind the tennis rackets that professional players use, the diets that top athletes follow, and how systems like Hawkeye are revolutionising the way that rules are enforced. Plus, we hear about new evidence that dolphins refer to each other by name, and sucking or chewing a sweet: which does least damage to teeth?

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  • 01:00 - "Mark" don't dance

    ‘Marking’ through a dance can actually be more beneficial than dancing it properly in rehearsal.

  • 03:58 - Smarter bed times

    Irregular bedtimes in young children may be associated with reduced academic performance, a UK study has shown.

  • 05:28 - Quick Fire Science - Organ Donation

    The World Transplant Games celebrates the sporting achievement of transplant patients. Priya and Claudia give you 11 facts about donation

  • 07:35 - Chatty Dolphins

    Dolphins give each other nicknames and have a complex communication skills.

  • 14:40 - Diagnosing the plague

    A dipstick test for plague on the way

  • 17:18 - Palm oil genes

    Close study of the genome of the oil palm tree could result in significantly increased palm oil yield.

  • 19:36 - What causes sudden personality changes?

    I have a medical question which I hope you can answer or shed some light on it. My former sister-in-law developed schizophrenia when she was in her early 20s. Before her psychotic episode, she displayed some distrust of people but was otherwise fully functional. Afterwards, ...

  • 22:03 - What makes things sticky?

    Dear Naked Scientists, My name is David Zucker, and I'm a long-time avid listener. I've wanted to write in for ages. You've even covered an article that I co-authored (Alavez et al. Amyloid-binding compounds maintain protein homeostasis during ageing and extend lifespan. Natu...

  • 24:27 - Technology in Tennis

    Technological advances have revolutionised tennis since the last british winner of the men's Wimbledon singles title.

  • 31:35 - Nutrition in Sport

    Nutrition plays a key role in physical fitness. But can it really help us run faster or jump higher?

  • 40:04 - Hawkeye in sport

    We have recently seen the emergence of technologies to help enforce the rules of various sports. We ask how Hawkeye works.

  • 45:55 - The problem with Hawkeye

    As accurate as Haweye can be, will it ever replace officials?

  • 50:53 - Is it more tooth-friendly to suck, or crunch a sweet?

    Is it better for your teeth to suck a sweet until it's gone, or to crunch it? The former method I would think allows the sugar to be in your mouth for longer, but the latter leaves sticky bits of sweet stuck to your teeth.. Question applies to wine gums and to boiled ...



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