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Wed, 28th Aug 2013

Shark Camouflage in Australia

Great white shark (c) Pascal Kobeh- Galatée Films

This week, we have a final show from Perth in Western Australia. Chris Smith and Victoria Gill find out how camouflage wetsuits might help protect surfers from sharks, hear about a new development in muscular dystrophy treatment, how sea sponges can be used to mend fractures and whether the chemicals that a cell produces just before death can help us reverse the damage caused by stroke. In the news, why money makes the world go round, the comet that will be lighting up the skies in November, the environmentally green military flares which could result in clearer firework displays and the scientists that have produced the world's most accurate clock.

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  • 16:43 - Green Flares for the Military

    An enviromental improvement in military flares could also result in clearer fireworks display...

  • 19:30 - The world's most accurate clock

    Researchers at the National Institute for Standards and Technology have built a clock which is accurate to one second in ten billion years

  • 23:58 - Camouflaging Wetsuits

    Research on Shark vision has inspired the design of a wet suit that will camouflage surfers to sharks...

  • 29:51 - Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

    A team of researchers from Murdoch University discuss how their research has led to clinical trials for a new muscular dystrophy treatment.

  • 50:09 - Why do we dream? Why do we have nightmares?

    Love the show. I was wondering if you can tell me what's going on in the brain when we dream? What makes us have bad dreams? What causes nightmares? Is there a difference between them? Do dreams really have any meaning? Thanks! Elisa W. New York



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