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Mon, 16th Sep 2013

Shedding Light on the Brain

Nerve Cell (c)

We expose how electricity powers the nervous system. Chris Smith and Hannah Critchlow speak to a panel of experts about why chillis taste hot and mint feels cool, how ion channels could tackle diabetes and the new technique that uses algae could shed light on the brain. In the news, re-programming stem cells in situ, the TV programme that’s changing accents 400 miles away, the insects that use natural gears to propel themselves and how you can tell whether a panda is pregnant.

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  • 01:14 - Stem cells made in situ

    Mature tissues can be re-programmed in-situ to produce stem cells, scientists have shown for the first time.

  • 04:41 - Monitoring mouse social interactions

    Combining a UV light, coloured dyes and a mathematical model, scientists have developed a new system to study mouse social interactions...

  • 48:44 - Why does the sense of smell heighten during pregnancy?

    We can only get the podcasts down here in Melbourne, Australia, but my wife and I both love the show. As new parents we are we're both taken at my wife's heightened sense of smell during pregnancy, especially in early pregnancy. We are wondering what the science behind this and w...



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