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Mon, 23rd Sep 2013

Citizen Science: Research You can Do

Cat and Mouse (c) Wendy Ingram

What's the best way to get involved in scientific research from home? Chris Smith and Dominic Ford investigate some of the best citizen science projects which are looking for your help. From categorising galaxies to hunting spiders, mapping your happiness and even discovering the nature of the trillion bacteria in one of your footprints - how will you choose to get involved? Plus, in the news, what a blue whale's earwax can reveal about ocean pollution, Curiosity fails to find methane on Mars, why Raspberry Pi have linked up with Google to boost kids programming skills, and the parasite that stops mice being afraid of cats...

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  • 01:03 - Whale lifetime recorded in earwax

    Earwax from a blue whale has enabled scientists to reconstruct the lifetime hormone levels and toxin exposure of the animal...

  • 04:03 - Mars' missing methane

    The Curiosity rover has found no evidence of methane in Mars's atmosphere, making it less likely to life lurks beneath its surface.



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