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Mon, 7th Oct 2013

Science Centre Showoff

Rubber bands (c) Bill Ebbesen

Live on location at the Cambridge Science Centre, Chris Smith, Dave Ansell, Ginny Smith and guests Rod Jones, an atmospheric chemist, Margaret Stanley, an HPV cancer researcher, and Caroline Goddard, jet engine metallurgist, pit their wits against the assembled public. Plus Dave and Ginny make crisp packet fireworks, prove you can't be heard screaming in space and make an elastic-band-powered fridge...

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  • 29:58 - Science Centre: Bell Jar

    What happens in a vacuum? Dave and Ginny remove the air from a bell jar to see if you can scream in space...

  • 36:11 - What Metals Make A Jet Engine?

    Material Scientist, Caroline Goddard, explains how new alloys are made and how you select metals for different tasks...



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