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Mon, 14th Oct 2013

Tunnelling Under London

Crossrail Logo (c) Transport for London

How do you dig a 26 mile tunnel beneath a city and below the water table? This week we drop in on Crossrail, who are busy constructing a new commuter line below the UK capital, to discover how massive tunnels are made in the modern era. Plus, we take a walk along the World's first and oldest tunnel built below a river to hear how it was made, and we find out what present-day tunnelling is turning up of London's past. Also, news of a drug that can repair the brain damage done by multiple sclerosis, and a planet found floating alone in interstellar space...

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  • 13:13 - Why do people kiss?

    Oxford researcher Rafael Wlodarski has been quizzing people about their kissing habits and what it actually means to them.

  • 19:29 - Climate change, 55 million years ago

    fifty-five million years ago, the planet suddenly warmed. But why? New evidence suggests a huge release of carbon dioxide...

  • 46:32 - What happens to sand in an earthquake?

    What happens to a tunnel in an earthquake? Dave Ansell brings a demonstration into the studio to show us how sand can liquefy.

  • Mycenaean warrior on a Bronze Age krater vase  (c) Angelos Popadopoulos

    49:47 - Am I a relative of a Bronze Age local?

    What’s the chance, percentage wise of me being a relative of someone living in this area, Belgium, in about 1000 or 2000 BC? Ras, from Belgium



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