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Tue, 5th Nov 2013

Cutting Edge in Cancer

Small cell lung cancer (c) Nephron@wikimedia

From detecting tumour DNA in our bloodstreams to making cancer cells stand out in an MRI scan, this week - coinciding with the NCRI Cancer Conference - we explore new ways to detect cancer and monitor tumours during treatment. Plus, in the news, what a dog’s wagging tail can tell you about its mood, the chemistry behind fireworks, how wind farms could be made up to 30% more efficient just by moving the turbines around, and the electronic blood that could help to shrink supercomputers...

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  • 01:37 - Tail wags the dog

    The direction in which a dog wags its tail tells other canines what it's thinking, new research has revealed.

  • 04:36 - Earth-sized exoplanet, but 3000 degrees

    A planet roughly the same size and with the same composition as the Earth has been discovered orbiting a distant start.



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