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Tue, 12th Nov 2013

Stopping Multiple Sclerosis

A Myelinated Neuron (c) Electron Microscopy Facility at Trinity College

What is multiple sclerosis (MS), what causes it, why do some people suffer from it, and how can we treat it? This week we hear about a drug that can halt the disease in its tracks for some patients, and how scientists screening chemicals that trigger the brain to make new myelin have stumbled on a therapy that might reverse the symptoms for some sufferers. Plus, in the news, why the US and India are launching probes to Mars within weeks of each other, where the meteor which exploded over Russia in February came from, how Prozac makes the brain more plastic, and the stem cells which mothers give their babies in breast milk…

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  • 04:31 - Meteor post-mortem

    Using videos posted on the Internet, a Czech team have reconstructed the path, and traced the origins of, the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor...

  • 17:12 - Positive brain frames

    A new study indicates the antidepressant Prozac reverts the brain into a more flexible state reminiscent of the teenage brain.

  • 20:20 - Chimp mental metaphors

    Chimps use similar conceptual metaphors to the human "top of the tree" or "bottom of the pile" to map social and other hierarchies...

  • 22:50 - What is it like to have MS?

    We speak with Anthony Dean about his experience of being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

  • 26:57 - Treating MS with Campath

    What causes MS and how can the newly approved drug Campath treat it? We speak with Prof Alastair Compston from Cambridge to find out...

  • 34:18 - What are the risk factors for MS?

    We find out how environment and genetics intertwine to give rise to MS and hopes for treatment in the future.

  • 37:21 - Up and running after MS treatment

    We speak to MS patient Anthony about how a Campath drug trial has affected him.

  • 41:16 - Alternative drugs for MS

    Standard treatment for M.S. aims to prevent further damage, but new drugs may actually be able to repair damage that has already been done.

  • 54:46 - Bilingual babies brain development

    Hiya! I love your podcast! I have been listening to it for a while now and today I heard a story that specially caught my attention: it was about people in Glasgow being influenced by the media when it comes to their accent. My question is related, but not directly. I'm Spani...

  • Missons to Mars!

    There's a lot of traffic on it's way to the little red planet right now. Why?

  • Breast milk stem cells

    Hungry babies are actually gulping down millions of their mother's stem cells along with breast milk. But do they survive in the baby?



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