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Tue, 26th Nov 2013

Sniff! Sniff!

Dog nose (c) inajeep @ flikr

This week, smells, pheromones and anosmia. We talk to a patient with no sense of smell, hear why odours might be more down to the way molecules vibrate that how they are shaped, we look at the role that genes play in what we can smell and hear how pheromones affect how we feel. Plus, in the news, the legacy of double Nobel laureate Fred Sanger who died this week, a new water-repelling material which rejects water faster than ever before, an ode to World Toilet Day, the swarm of tiny satellites which are helping to miniaturise space missions, and we hear about the bacteria that have acquired mammoth genes from an old bone...

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  • 07:03 - World Toilet Day

    Because the 19th November was World Toilet Day, we investigate the science of sanitation

  • 09:49 - Bacteria: taking up ancient DNA

    Bacteria incorporating ancient DNA from a woolly mammoth into their genome and implications for antibiotic resistance strategy

  • 48:05 - Can you smell fear?

    Steven Cole got in touch over Facebook as well. He said, “Can you actually smell danger or fear? You hear about animals being able to smell your fear. Is that true?

  • 48:35 - How do dogs sniff out cancer?

    How do dogs sniff out cancer?

  • 49:16 - Why do smells trigger memories?

    Why do smells trigger memories? It seems to be true both for perfumes and other less pleasant odours; they can both make me remember things that happened.

  • 50:06 - Why do I overlook the obvious?

    Why does my brain sometimes overlook the obvious? Today, in the garden, I was multi-tasking a bit too much and this involved my putting my glasses on top of my head. They fell off of course, I looked everywhere, but couldn't see them even though they are bright purple. I found th...



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