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Tue, 14th Jan 2014

Are old habits hard to break?

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This week we want to hear how you’re doing with your New Year’s Resolutions as we investigate the psychology of willpower and how long it takes to form a new habit. In the news, does drinking a cup of coffee after studying help students remember their work? Should the UK introduce a minimum price for alcohol? Plus the light-activated glue that could change the way cardiac surgery operates.

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  • 10:43 - Polar Vortices

    This week the Michigan town of Hell froze over - but why are temperatures plummeting across America?

  • 13:37 - Light activated glue heals hearts

    A light-activated, blood-resistant glue has been developed to use in minimally invasive cardiac procedures...

  • 53:15 - Does the menstrual cycle affect willpower?

    I get really strong cravings for sweet stuff at a certain time of the month and I cannot focus on anything apart from satisfying this urge. Is there anything in the menstrual cycle and resolution ability to have willpower?

  • 54:56 - Why do insects buzz around my light?

    Why do insects buzz around my light? Moths seem to love my kitchen light in particular!



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