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Tue, 4th Feb 2014

Nanosized Science

Lycurgus Cup (c) sailko

This week we we zoom in on the subject of nano-particles  to examine how tiny objects, smaller than the wavelength of light, can be making such large waves in the fields of health, optics, and electronics. Plus news of purple tomatoes on their way to your dinner plates, the medical treatment that could mean the end of peanut allergies, the acid dip that reverts cells to their stem state, and what's in the air in Beijing?

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  • 08:35 - Purple Tomatoes

    Purple tomatoes might soon be making their way onto our dinner plates as the genetically modified fruit is being produced in Canada

  • 10:49 - Treating peanut allergies

    About 1 in 100 in the UK has a peanut allergy. But this week, researchers announced a new technique to control the allergy.

  • 22:27 - Imitating a butterfly's wing

    A team of researchers are using tiny structures to make new optical materials, including a polymer which changes colour as it stretches

  • 29:49 - Delivering drugs with nanoparticles

    Nottingham University’s Cameron Alexander is developing a system to deliver and activate nanoparticles in specific cells and tissues...

  • 50:04 - Why do deodorants stain some clothes?

    What causes deodorant stains? Me and my friend is using the same kind of deodorant and I am the only one having yellow stains on my shirts whereas he doesn't. Is there something my skin only produces that causes yellow stains? Jonathan Michael, from the Philippines, and I ...



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