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Tue, 11th Mar 2014

Turning the Tide on Flooding

Flooding (c) Marc Averette

With climate change expected to bring more bouts of extreme weather and longer periods of drought and flooding, this week we take a look at ways to turn the tide on the looming water crisis. Plus, in the news, the schoolboy who's become the youngest person yet to achieve nuclear fusion, the pedicure-inspired tags which are helping track turtles, the new gene therapy breakthrough for treating HIV and, what's worse for you, cigarettes, or sausages?

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  • 01:21 - Nuclear fusion in the classroom

    This week a 13-year-old British schoolboy has become the world’s youngest person to carry out nuclear fusion...

  • 06:48 - Smoking versus sausages?

    Are meat eggs, milk and cheese as deadly as smoking? Could a high protein Atkins diet lead to an earlier death?

  • 18:10 - The sea turtle lost years

    Where baby sea turtles go during their first formative years out at sea has been revealed, cracking a 50 year old mystery...

  • 20:26 - Is climate change altering weather?

    Is the extreme weather of recent years a consequence of climate change? Nobel prize winner Don Wuebbles argues that it is...

  • 35:11 - Stopping rivers bursting their banks

    Jenny Mant, from the River Restoration Centre, explains how we manage river levels and how we can stop rivers from bursting their banks...

  • 40:14 - The Blue-Green Cities Project

    What can cities do to reduce the risk of flooding? Professor Nigel Wright, from Leeds University, explains the Blue-Green cities project...



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