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Tue, 25th Mar 2014

Devouring Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi alpha board (c) Trevor Johnson -

2014 is the Year of Code, with the UK even becoming the first major economy to introduce computer programming to the school timetable. This week we investigate why coding, and getting kids into computer science has become so important. Plus, in the news, why the estimated number of smells a human can detect has gone from 10,000 to a trillion, the astronomers who have detected primordial gravitational waves, and a new supercomputer, in Scotland...

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  • 01:11 - One Trillion Smells...

    For decades scientists have claimed that humans can discriminate only 10,000 different smells. But a new paper has shown that to be a myth.

  • 07:31 - Air Traffic Communication

    With the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 still missing after nearly two weeks, some people are asking how you can lose a plane?

  • 10:30 - Detecting Gravitational Waves

    This week a team of astronomers announced that they had detected evidence of primordial gravitational waves. We met one of the team...

  • 16:50 - Does bioethanol work commercially?

    Three cellulosic ethanol plants are set to come online in the US in the next few months, but will they work in the commercial marketplace?

  • 20:10 - Devouring Raspberry Pi

    2014 has been declared to be the Year of Code, but why has coding, and getting kids into computer science become so important?

  • 24:50 - Coding Club

    We visit a bunch of fledgling coders at an after school coding club called 'The Park Street Hacker Elite'

  • 31:20 - Computing in higher education

    Coding is being introduced into classrooms but will that mean more people studying it in higher education?

  • 37:22 - Mira the supercomputer

    We visited Mira, the fifth-fastest supercomputer in the world at the Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago

  • 44:07 - Modelling water using ARCHER

    This week sees the launch of a new 43 Million pound supercomputer called ARCHER. But what will it be used for?

  • 49:30 - Is elevator travel across Earth possible?

    If earth is rotating why do we need to travel in an airplane? Can we not arrive our destination if we stay static on the sky and land when the earth spins and when we spot on our destination place during the spin?



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