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Mon, 7th Apr 2014

Power to your Elbow: Better Batteries

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Bigger, better and longer lasting - this week we go in search of the battery technology that will power the future as well as consider the shortcomings of our present technologies. We also try to tune-in to our own broadcast on a radio powered by moss! Plus, in the news, the genetic switch for spinal nerve regeneration, the ocean deep inside Enceladus, young-smoking dads condemn their sons to adult obesity and why cereals make eye contact with you...

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  • 01:04 - Regenerating Nerves

    We look into why your central nervous system won't regenerate and how it might be possible to make it do so.

  • 06:25 - World Autism Awareness Day

    Wednesday, the 2nd of April was World Autism Awareness Day. Here's your Quick Fire Science to help you get to grips with the condition...

  • 31:09 - Beyond lithium Ion batteries

    How do you develop the replacement for the current lithium ion batteries

  • 37:38 - Have rechargeable batteries got better?

    When I was kid some time ago, my dad was very into rechargeable batteries and we used to put them on our walkman and they would basically last a tape’s length and then just die. I understand now, rechargeable batteries are a lot better. What's changed and should people be using t...

  • 39:17 - Making lithium Ion batteries better

    How we can change the lithium ion batteries in your phone or laptop to make them hold more energy.

  • 45:21 - Moss-powered radio

    Meet a moss-powered radio: scientists have discovered how to tap electricty from plants to power consumer items...



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