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Mon, 28th Apr 2014

Building the Future

The plan for the 3D printed canal house (c) DUS Architects

With the demand for new homes ever increasing, we ask what will the buildings of the future be like? Will new materials like bamboo or plastic take pride of place in our houses? And how can we make our accommodation greener? Plus, in the news, the first model of all of Earth's ecosystems, what a 115 year old can tell us about ageing, how to improve cochlear implants, and what happens if you stowaway aboard a plane...

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  • 00:54 - The Madingley Ecosystem Model

    Scientists from Cambridge have unveiled a way to model on a computer, how all of Earth’s different ecosystems, actually work...

  • 05:57 - Plane Stowaway

    This week, a teenage boy survived the 5 hour flight from California to Hawaii, in the wheel well of a plane. How amazing is his survival?

  • 09:07 - Improving cochlear impants

    Scientists have discovered that electricity from cochlear implants can be used to deliver gene therapy and improve sensitivity to the device

  • 15:28 - Living to 115

    Scientists in Amsterdam have been looking at the blood of a 115 year old woman to see what her genes can tell us about living longer

  • 20:05 - World's Smallest Magazine Cover

    Researchers in Switzerland have created the smallest magazine cover in the world - 2,000 of them could fit on a grain of salt!

  • 24:26 - Breathing Buildings

    Breathing Buildings, are a Cambridge company who’ve come up with a way to much more efficiently ventilate our homes

  • 30:23 - Building with bamboo

    Could we use bamboo in order to make housing across the world more environmentally friendly?

  • 36:44 - 3D printing, one room at a time

    One team changing how our homes might be built are DUS Architects in Amsterdam. They’re currently 3D printiting a whole canal house...

  • 49:31 - What do green walls do?

    When talking about sustainable architecture you listen about green walls and roofs and urban agriculture. It's claimed that plants absorb the CO2 and the pollutants from the atmosphere, wouldn't it be the same for the crops that we will later eat?

  • 50:13 - Why do I feel tired and bored in the office?

    Why do I feel bored and tired and struggle to concentrate when I'm in the office but don't feel like this at the weekend?



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