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Mon, 12th May 2014

Powering up the National Grid

400kV pylon (c) Rept0n1x @ Wikipedia

This week we look at how our power grids are going to be transformed. From technology which hopes to reduce our energy prices to new ways to include wind and solar power in the grid. Plus, in the news, what Google have up their sleeve for their next smartphone, the proposed takeover of the UK pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, and why AM radio could be sending birds off course...

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  • 01:02 - MERS coronavirus

    The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus seems to be spreading from Saudi Arabia, with nearly 500 people infected so far...

  • 06:24 - Google Tango and US drone laws

    Ramsey Faragher has been to Google’s headquarters to play with “Tango”, a next generation smartphone that comes with a built-in laser!

  • 11:38 - Asthma Care

    This week the Royal College of Physicians criticised the standard of asthma care in the UK. Here's your Quick Fire Science on the condition

  • 14:35 - Should Pfizer takeover AstraZeneca?

    Why are US company Pfizer so interested in acquiring the UK pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, and is it a bad thing for Britain if they do?

  • 19:59 - Radio sends birds off course

    Radio waves might be interfering with the migration patterns of nearby birds, according to research from Germany...

  • 25:28 - Building smarter grids

    A new “smart” national grid system could control how we use power according to how much is available...

  • 31:29 - The energy sponge - Isentropic

    Energy sponge technologies soak up excess any energy from the the grid, and then “wring” it back out when less is available...

  • 36:37 - High voltage DC

    Technology company ABB are working on developing high voltage systems, which they think could transport power further and more efficiently.

  • Transformer Closeup (c)

    Why high voltage?

    Electricity comes into our house at 240V which can kill, and it is moved around he country at up to 400 000V. Why?



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