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Mon, 19th May 2014

Natural born cleaners

Oil spill (c) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This week we investigate green clean ups. Can nature's recyclers, bacteria and fungi, help us clean up man-made environmental problems from oil spills to mining slag heaps? Plus in the news, how the Gemini Planet Imager is helping astronomers 'see' exoplanets, why pregnant women are at a higher risk of a car crash and why don't octopuses get tied up in knots?

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  • 00:55 - Car crash risk during pregnancy

    A new study has shown that women in their second trimester may be at a 40% higher risk of being involved in life-threatening car accidents

  • 07:44 - Predicting pre-term labour

    Researchers have developed a test that uses the levels of gene activity to spot women who are about to deliver their babies early...

  • 12:25 - Coal Mining Dangers

    This week an explosion and fire in a mine in Turkey claimed almost three hundred lives. But why are explosions such a risk when mining?

  • 15:21 - Gemini Planet Imager: Seeing exoplanets

    This week astronomers announced that the Gemini Planet Imager is enabling them to actually "see" exoplanets

  • 46:26 - Fungi, nature's recyclers

    We know bacteria can play a role in environmental clean ups, but what about nature’s recyclers, fungi?

  • 50:26 - Which painkiller should I use?

    I was wondering if somebody could please explain the differences between common pain killers such as paracetamol, aspirin and Ibuprofen. They all reduce pain but how do they work and are some drugs going to work better for certain complaints such as joint pain etc. I listen...



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